Facilities Use Request Form

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Church Facility Use Form

The policies of First Presbyterian Church allow church facilities to be used for events that meet certain guidelines and requirements. Events for church ministry activities, weddings, funerals and other such activities are permitted. Activities that are non-church related are also permitted, as long as they are approved by the pastor and/or the Session of the church. The pastor has the discretion to approve facility usage deemed to be non-controversial. Events or activities the pastor feels may involve some concern (e.g., politically-related meetings) will be forwarded to the Session for their approval. At no time will church facilities be available for commercial use (e.g., Tuperware, Pampered Chef “parties”). A facility usage fee may apply and a deposit may be required.

Contact information for person making request


I understand that I am responsible for the condition of the room(s) used and that they are to be cleaned, trash cans emptied, lights turned off and thermostats returned to “Program” setting when finished with the facilities. Any keys borrowed will be returned to the church office the day of the event of the first business day the church office is opened.

You can download the PDF version of this form here: Facilities Use Request Form – PDF Version