Kirkin’ of the Tartan Service Oct 29

October 29, 2017
Combined Worship Service 10:00 am
Potluck Luncheon following

Kirkin’ of the Tartan service, a celebration on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

In the days of English suppression of the Scottish culture, it was illegal to wear the tartan in public.  Legend has it that as a symbol of clan pride, Scots wore a piece of tartan concealed on their person to church on a specified day.  At a given point, the Minister would pronounce a prayer in Scots Gaelic, which the English did not understand.  The congregation would touch the hidden tartan, thus blessing, or “kirking” the tartan.

The Kirkin’ ceremony at FPC-Bonham is a celebration not only of the Scottish heritage of the Presbyterian Church, but also of the tremendous global reach that our denomination has achieved.  Ours is a celebration of FAMILY, whatever your ethnic origin.

WHAT TO WEAR:  The Scots among us are invited to show your spirit in kilts and tartans.  Everyone is encouraged to represent his/her own origins by the wearing of national costumes, or feel free to wear anything plaid.  We hope to make this a true festival of celebration!

WHAT TO EXPECT:  We will meet at 10:00 in the prayer garden (weather permitting).  There will be a bagpiper calling us to worship, and leading us in procession into the church from outdoors.  There will be 30 tartan banners waving in procession and on display during the service.

WHAT TO BRING: Explore your culinary creativity and bring any Scottish, foreign, or American food you enjoy the most, from appetizers to desserts.  So put October 29 on your calendar for a Scottish and international feast, filled with entertainment and merriment!


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